Saturday, January 12, 2008

Entry 24


This entry was a gift which I sent to my older sister on her birthday.

Her age is a pig in twelve animal designations. Moreover, she loves a cute big pig very much. A pig candle will be a suitable gift for her.
I also drew this one on Illustrator program.

Entry 23

Hello everyone,

On this week, I want to show my cute logo to you. I wanted to open an ice-cream restaurant and the special one would be called "Pink Kitten Ice-cream".

I drew it by pencil this work. Then, I edited it in other that it looks more perfectly. After that, I drew it again on Illustrator program. The ears of the cat created a word "M". "Meo Hong" in English is Pink Cat.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Entry 22

what do you think about the image? This work was created from two online images and one from my cousin photograph.
(link images:
Firstly, I thought about an angel is relaxing. I like the photograph of my cousin. The way which she is sitting is really suitable with my idea. That is the reason why I combined her image with these images.
Moreover, the background image looks like at a desert which is as hot as her body.
I call this image is the relaxed angel.

Entry 21

Hello everyone,

On this week, I will show you my photographs which I took. This picture was taken at my garden. The picture focused on a woman statue who is looking at the mother and child of cats. They are playing together.

However, I wanted to change the image look more real and impressive. I chose diffuse glow on the PhotoShop program and edited a little bit for the image. Then, I click Ctrl + L and adjusted the light for the picture.
Now, the woman statue looked more real. It looks like a real woman looking at playing cats.

The second image which I show you is a original image. I don't want to edit it because it looked extremely perfect.
Firstly, the snail looks really alone. However, Do you see how many snails on the below picture? I think that if you look carefully, you can recognize there is a snails family in the image.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Entry 19 + 20

entry 19:
My entry comes from an idea which I wanted to create a shop with "Angel Smile name". That is the reason I must think how to create a logo for my shop. I drew this work in Illustrator program.
Firstly, I thought this logo. A smile mouth with the couple of swings and a white circle on the top.

After that, I got another idea because I wanted to combine the text and image together.

The swings were drawn from simple lines. However, it still looks very smooth.
In addition, the words "Angel Smile" were combined to the Swings to create a smile mouth shape.

The white circle on the top of the work looks like a circle of an Angel.
Do you think this is a meaningful logo?

I did a meaningful and suitable logo for my future shop.

Entry 20:

This entry I got the idea from a Vietnamese woman with "Ao Dai". However, I wanted to make the Vietnamese women images are more smooth so I drew them from lines.

I changed some colors for this image.

Then, I thought some new ideas for my "Ao Dai" woman images.

This is "Ao Dai" at Ben Tre province in Vietname. The "Ben Tre" women are usually wearing Ao Dai and getting a long black hair.

I call this image "Ao Dai" student because the high- school girl must be wearing white "Ao Dai". Moreover, they usually use a violet ink pot

Finally, I combined the "Ao Dai" Woman with Autumn. It looks really romantic.



This is my assignment A2C.
I want to show it to you. Please give me your comments.

Thank you very much,

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Entry 18


This safe sex poster was done for the assignment A2B. It looks extremely simple but it is really meaningful.
My poster contains the picture of a gun which is gotten in a condom by a woman hand
The gun is a dangerous weapon which is a metaphorical image of a male organ. The meaning is that the condom is really useful to save people in sex.
Moreover, I used a woman hand instead of a man hand to warn the woman. The women should protect themselves by getting in condom for their lovers.
I arranged the word "sex" on the left because on the right of the image is so strong. I want to create a balance for my poster. In addition, I put the word "safety" the middle and made it bigger than "sex". The reason is that I want to focus on the safety. I want to say that safety is extremely important in sex.